Friday, February 22, 2008 - Explore Globally, Plan Locally

Have you checked out the super cool site: yet? Delight your clients by giving them a *hot* tip they will thank you for - a FREE, interactive and fun Wedding Map that they can easily add to their own wedding websites!

I enjoyed having them as a recent client for a review+assessment project and am thrilled to see the exciting growth and continuing evolution of this promising website!

What is a Wedding Map? A Wedding Mapper wedding map is an interactive and personalized guide to your wedding that shows wedding guests and vendors where and when everything is taking place for the big day and weekend.

They have astounding site traffic and are already getting well over 1,500 couples a week creating personalized wedding maps for their events around the globe! They recently added some fun new DIY templates for additional personalization and to capitalize on this trend. These are really perfect for ANY couple and the guests are raving about them.

Because of their exploding growth, high search engine rankings and coveted 'early' planning-stage visitation, they have recently begun offering affordable vendor listing/advertising packages - starting as low as $9.95 per month. Couples are also starting to use the site as an invaluable planning tool and relying on past WeddingMapper couples who give extensive vendor reviews and recommendations to make their venue and vendor selections.

I highly recommend you spend some time on WeddingMapper to explore maps in your own region and see what brides are doing and saying!


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