Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facebook for Wedding Professionals

After a self-imposed blogging break to focus on completing a major client project and presentation I am back!  Amazing how guilty I was feeling about neglecting the blog - I have been Twittering away but the alternative focus on anything other than our looming deadline was just not possible

Besides Twitter, I have been quite into Facebook over the summer  -- and now I admit I totally get all the hype and am enjoying it on many levels - business and personal!
In addition to growing my 'friends' network both professionally and re-connecting with long lost friends from childhood, high school, college and beyond, I have started a group on Facebook called "Luxury Wedding Professionals" that is already 175 members strong - membership is open and I invite you to join an eclectic group of industry pros from as far away as Paris, Singapore, Canada, the Caribbean and all over the U.S!  We would love to have you join the group by clicking here.

If you are not quite convinced of the benefit of FaceBook for business - check out today's blog post by Mari Smith - called "The Pied Piper of Facebook" by Fast Company Magazine.  Her post is called "10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business" and is a quick read that sums up the reasons to at least  make the attempt to get in the game.

Like all of this social media coming at us at such dizzying speeds - I am convinced that the ONLY way you can begin to understand it is to jump in and learn along the way - and the sooner you adapt and try to 'get it' the better - but never feel like it is too late!

Looking forward to connecting to you on Facebook

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The Event Essentials said...

Thanks for reminding me about Facebook. I've been meaning to create a profile on there lately!! :)

Happy Friday!!