Tuesday, March 3, 2009

engage1to1 "Super Sessions" with Sean Low

Really thrilled to 'officially' announce a program that we have been unofficially offering for many months now.  A joint engage1to1 'super session' with none other than the brilliant Sean Low, President of Preston Bailey Designs and creative business consultant.  

We have been offering a very limited number of engage1to1 sessions {phone, in-person and super sessions} since last summer and have really enjoyed this intimate, interactive and high-impact opportunity to work directly with some of the wedding industry's leaders on taking their businesses to imaginative new heights.  

Sean and I have collaborated closely in various business ventures for almost 4 years now and spend time each week discussing the wedding industry and the massive amounts of opportunity for growth at every level - even in this challenging economy. He has participated in both initial engage events and is a featured speaker for engage09 in June by POPULAR demand.  His blog has quickly become a 'must read' and he has taken Twitter by storm with his spot-on insights and thought provoking commentary on the state of your business in the current economic environment.

I am so honored to be offering this very special, limited series of engage1to1's with Sean.  They are an intense 8-hour session totally focused on YOU and your business potential and growth -- from a marketing/big picture point of view and a straight forward business standpoint.

For additional information, availability, options and cost please contact our office at engage@engagingconcepts.com or call 407.566.2298.  We look forward to working with some of the industry's brightest talents and businesses to explore new and exciting potential and growth!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that there are some sessions like this... To actually offer a service that would focus with you and your business potential, that would really help you improve and enhance your skills and ideas... That's a great one. Thanks for informing us about it!

Unknown said...


I am not a gusher, BUT I have had the pleasure of working with both you and Sean and it is the best investment I have ever made in my business. I love each of your different perspectives - the perfect 1-2 punch of marketing and solid practical business advice. Most importantly you two have helped me to look at my business - you: who I want to be and Sean: who I am (not sure if that makes sense, but that's the best I can do). I have been slow to make some of the changes suggested but each one has brought immediate results. We are doing WELL in this economy!

Anyone would be lucky to have you two and I highly recommend this session. (Gotta stop now - gushing).