Friday, July 10, 2009

engage!09 :: something blue in Grand Cayman - Our View

Where to even BEGIN? Honestly, the latest engage! event in Grand Cayman
[ engage!09 :: something blue ] was such an amazing success because of every single person who came together to speak, attend, partner and well, 'engage!!!'

This wedding industry that we are so privileged to be part of continues to awe and inspire on every level. We had {175} awesome wedding professionals join us from 27 states and 9 countries representing all aspects of the luxury wedding industry.

There were wedding designers, stylists, planners, photographers,travel industry executives, jewelers, artists, invitation designers, authors, editors, fashion directors, advertising and PR executives, television producers {& stars!}, 5-star resorts, online media experts, wedding cake designers and list goes on and on! The *magic* was that everyone came together with open minds and open hearts to connect with each other in meaningful ways -- to inspire each other, and, as more than one person said to me - to learn about themselves.

We are all so connected by this incredible industry and while social media has allowed many of us to get to know each other in an unprecedented fashion in the past few years through blogs, twitter, facebook and more - NOTHING can take the place of connecting and 'engaging' in person. Nothing.

There are so many moments to share - I have no idea where to begin!! So, think I will link to just some of the amazing 'round-up' blog posts from many of the attendees so you can hear directly from those that experienced the event. See the bottom of the post for links to many of them!!!

Here is the link to the fun slideshow recap that Donna von Bruening {a 3-time 'engagee'} put together for us just days after our return ::

I also put together a sort of behind-the-scenes view and commentary of the event on Facebook and have included a public link to that gallery here ::

For now - from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every one of the amazing speakers, partners and attendees who believed in us and came together to make this event what it was...something very special and meaningful on many levels. Powerful, actually.

Most especially I want to thank my Kathryn. For positively every. single. thing. She is...brilliant. None of this would have happened without her. I am forever grateful and so honored to work beside her.

Much, much more to follow!!!

xoxoxo, Rebecca

:: Just a sampling of Post-engage!09 Blog Posts ::

News Article: The Cayman Compass


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca! I work at the Department of Tourism, Jo had mentioned me to you (the intern interested in wedding planning!) and I must say engage!09 was AMAZING for me to attend and I am SO grateful that I got that opportunity! Congratulations on it being such a huge success yet again! :)

Lani Bothwell

J Sandifer said...

So great following it from a far! The beauty of social media :) Looking forward to attending the next one!

Anonymous said...


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So great following it from a far! The beauty of social media :) Looking forward to attending the next one!