Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Daily Obsession...

There are so many things to share on this blog - really it is a matter of where to begin. One of my daily reads (ok, I admit - multiple times a day...I am a bit addicted!) is the most FABULOUS blog WeddingBee. I discovered it about a year ago and now read it religiously throughout the day.

Made up of multiple bloggers in various stages of planning a wedding or recently wed, this constantly updated site is a treasure trove of the latest finds, hot new trends, joys, challenges, frustrations and exuberance of wedding a wedding & honeymoon in a super easy and fun format.

As an industry expert - it is a fascinating read into the minds of today's bride and far more insightful and real ( & much less confrontational!) than lurking on message boards and forums.

Top it off with one of the nicest and most 'in touch with today's bride' people I know - Bee Kim - "WeddingBee" herself! Bee just totally 'gets' today's bride and has certainly taught me a thing or two about blogs and wikis and all sorts of other keys to the emerging media that we all must embrace if we are to market and service the echo-boomer bride & groom.

Happy "bee-ing!"

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