Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Saints Go Marching In!

So, I debuted the blog with big fanfare (really just a quick email to family, friends and close colleagues) and my little brother immediately responded (as only little brothers can!) with this:

"So is not one of your favorite links, I see. That is very disappointing."

As the Senior Director of Media Relations and Communications for The New Orleans Saints I am so incredibly proud of my brother, Doug. After 16 seasons as communications director with the New York Jets, he packed up his family and moved south last September - and what a great move it was! The season was AMAZING and the Saints are far more than just a sports team in NOLA. He is also in the process of completely re-launching the Saints official website - I have no doubt with him leading the project it will be the best in the NFL!

Also - notice that the New Orleans Saints website is now an official link on this blog :)!

Who loves ya kid?!

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