Monday, July 23, 2007

Bridal Emergency!

Wedding Day Emergencies! They do happen - it is inevitable. I highly recommend that every wedding professional have one of these on hand...not just wedding planners. Let's face it - when a bridal emergency happens anyone and everyone is in the line of fire to come to the rescue: catering manager, photographer, floral designer, don't be caught empty-handed! Saving the day is part of your job.

Two of our favorite "ready-made" kits to keep on hand are The Wedding DaySurvival Kit and the brand new kit from celebrity planner Mindy Weiss [most recently having planned Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's wedding!] available from her fun e-commerce website Shop Love Me. Both are reasonable in price ($49.95 - $65.00) and have just about everything you and your brides could possibly need to save the day!

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inawhisper said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the tip and how right you are about needing one. I ended up selecting the bag from With you in mind inc., I had seen it at a bridal show and it seemed more appropriate. The bag was a beautiful shade of blue and it traveled around the room (and a couple times in the hallway!) for one reason or another. It was the day saver for sure, I'd bet my photographer would say the same!! Thanks again.