Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding Overload

I recently came across this graphic...and it so perfectly illustrates how brides undoubtably feel at some point in their planning process.

Overwhelmed. Oversold. Over it.
There is really no other life stage event that has so many moving parts and critical decisions that ultimately fall on one very stressed out person to execute. As a wedding industry professional - it is always good to be reminded of where you fit into the overall picture. Of course, you view YOUR segment of the wedding as most important - that is only natural. But remember - while in your mind the catering is most critical or the honeymoon travel details or the wedding cake design & flavors or the floral/lighting/linen design or the photographs or the music or the gown choice and so on and so is but one element of a very complicated puzzle for the bride & groom.
Give these clients a break - just touch base every once in awhile to see how they are doing - not to burden them with more questions/choices/decisions but just to let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them well.
Wow. They will be simply amazed and eternally grateful.

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your WEDDING DIVA said...

Once again you have nailed it. to many vendors don't realize the pressure our girls are getting from every side. No wonder some of them occasionally implode.