Friday, October 12, 2007

Creating the Win-Win-Win

'Partnering that pays' is a big part of most wedding-industry success stories. No matter the business you are in, you need each other. Think about the best business you have - most likely, it has come to you from referrals either from past clients or industry partners. Those that truly 'get it' in this industry spend dedicated time nurturing those invaluable relationships, networking, appreciating each other and designing creative ways to work together. Better yet, the really innovative actually marry the two together and work together while also providing added-value to their brides...creating the 'win-win-win.'

One such example of this is a round-up of popular venues with imagery by the Chicago-based photographers Life on Prints Photography in a dedicated section of their website entitled "Places We've Been and Places We'll Be." Simply Brilliant!

What I love in particular is that this is such a 'win-win-win' for all involved. One of the most critical but often overwhelming tasks that a bride and groom face is the "where" of the wedding. What this photographer has done is provide an image heavy review of all of the wedding venues where they have shot along with links to each. They place importance on it by including as a main navigation on their site under the category of "Wedding Research." There is not a photographer, floral designer or wedding planner out there who could not do something similar in their own way.

This is a 'win' for the photographer as it shows the scope of their work in a variety of different venues and how many weddings they have shot, a 'win' for the venues as it shows real weddings in their setting along with a description and link to their site and a 'win' for the bride and groom as it provides a one-stop overview of a wide variety of wedding venues showing them from the perspective of real weddings not just glossy marketing shots.

Kudos to this innovative photography company - I challenge you to figure out new and innovative ways to strengthen your relationships with key partners and create "win-win-win" situations in the process!

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natalie said...

That's my church in Chicago! How fun to see it up there! They do take beautiful pictures...