Friday, June 13, 2008

Tulla Belles

You simply must check out TullaBelles - a brand new website from the most delightful woman, Cindy Folak!  I have known Cindy for many years - she is the super fun and fabulous mother of my dear friend Heidi Folak-Pickert of Disney wedding fame. She recently launched the website of her personal shopping service Tulla Belles - of which I am addicted!  Cindy worked closely with us as we designed the gift bags for engage!08 - we knew we wanted to weave the branding throughout the day and shower of attendees with lots of great take home goodies - just as Cindy's tagline says: "posh presents, trendy treats and gifts galore!"

We also had her create custom aprons for our staff to wear during set up and registration [see above] with engage! embroidered on the sash.  A HUGE hit and with custom fabric combinations in the hundreds a perfect way to incorporate professional but playful and fun brand recognition to wedding-day staff during set up and tear down for wedding professionals in almost all capacities - wedding planners, designers, florists, cake designers, catering professionals, installation teams and the list goes on! Much more fun and eye-catching than logo t-shirts or boring black ensembles!  They all have hidden pockets and one version is waterproof for the messier jobs/set-ups!

Tulla Belles is my official 'go to' source for all professional and personal gifting - so much so we jokingly call it "Tulla Becca's" as I spend so much with them! :)

The web presence is just the tip of the iceburg - so check it out but be sure to contact them for additional ideas - they specialize in custom designing or sourcing just about anything you can dream up!

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I love the apron! It's a great gift for a bridesmaid who likes to look cute while she cooks! Thank you for posting this site!

kristin @ the fairmount bride said...

ooh, i love it!

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