Thursday, June 26, 2008

USA TODAY: "Hollywood Lives Happily Ever After"

Pick up a copy of today's "USA TODAY" for a cover story {Life section} on Hollywood's never-ending fascination with weddings! I once heard a stat that every movie with the word "wedding" in the title has grossed over the $100 million surprise to any of us in the wedding industry!

An excerpt from the feature to illustrate the point:

"Let's start at the newsstands, groaning with the 10-pound bridal magazines likely to reap some profits from Hollywood's marital bliss. It's a two-way street: The audience influences the movies, the movies influence the audience. (Antonia) Van der Meer says brides are so impressed by what they see at the movies that she predicts Mamma Mia! will send scores to the Greek islands next year for destination weddings.

At a recent early screening of the frothy musical, there was an audible gasp from the audience when the screen filled with a stunning panoramic shot of a Greek chapel perched on a craggy hill overlooking the sea, with a winding stone staircase lined with candles.

"We're all complete suckers for a wedding in real life. If you see a bride on the street, she's always surrounded by a crowd of complete strangers attracted to her," van der Meer says. "We're hard-wired to love a bride."

Hollywood, being Hollywood, is expert at recycling whatever is cool and hip at the moment. In this calculus, van der Meer says, weddings have more enduring power as a cool, hip topic than pregnancy..."

You can also click here to read the article in it's entirety including a fun round-up of recent wedding related movies as well as some on the horizon called "Going to the Movies and They're Gonna Get Married."

Any and all attention to weddings in movies, television and celebrity culture is, for those of us in the wedding industry,...a "Good Thing!" It is also one of the biggest predictors of future being aware of what is out there is of paramount importance {don't you just love that watching all of this counts as 'research' - definitely one of the perks of the job!!!!'}.

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