Monday, November 24, 2008

Live from Shanghai!

Greetings from Shanghai!  I am here this entire week advising on a major photo shoot for our International hotel brand client.  This project is the culmination of months of intense planning and will support all wedding marketing initiatives including a new advertising campaign, marketing & sales collateral and new website designed for the Asia Pacific market.

We are collaborating with a Hong Hong based advertising agency, a Singapore based web agency and working with a reknowned Shanghai photographer to accomplish the goals set forth by our client.

I will be here all week and continue to be amazed by the opportunities that face us all in the global wedding industry - and how at the heart of things - no matter where we are - weddings are the same: a celebration of life, love, family and friends!

[Photo by the amazlingly talented Eric Larson and Jen Sens of Jensenlarson Photography]


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I LOVE Shanghai... hope you have time to enjoy the beautiful city!

PatB said...

Wow that sounds like a really exciting project and what an amazing place! I love that picture btw :-)