Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogging for [Wedding] Business

Blogs have taken web 2.0 by storm and the wedding industry has been no exception. What we do is so VISUAL and emotional and compelling and lends perfectly to the very nature of blogging. Witness the literal explosion of wedding professionals blogs, led by the wedding photographers. That should come as no surprise - after all, they have the stunning imagery and by nature are creative and most often, very techo-savvy.
I am surprised however at how far behind most wedding planners and event designers/floral designers are on this trend...and of course resorts/hotels/caterers and travel agents - not even on the map yet!! There are a few notable exceptions but as a whole - not even in the game!
So I found it of interest to read the piece in today's 1to1 Media marketing e-newsletter entitled: "Do You Need a Chief Blogging Officer?" It outlines the blog strategy of major companies such as Marriott, Southwest Airlines, The Dallas Mavericks and GM.
We are working with almost all of our current clients to develop or strengthen their Blog is no longer luxury, in fact, I consider it a MUST in today's increasingly competitive and overcrowded market.
Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book, lists her top eight tips to a successful corporate blog on her website:

-Use humor.
-Write short. Less is more. [ok - I admit I need to work on this - if you know me at all you know I am not known for my brevity! *wink!*]
-Post at least once a week.
-Link to naysayers and competitors
-Appoint a blog editor [if you are too big or busy to do yourself!]
-Build redundancy into your approval process.
-Consider joining The Blog Council (an independent corporate blog association).
-Just do it...
That last point is the KEY! Just start. It is free, it is super easy [almost as easy as sending an email], and it is critical in developing an ongoing conversation with your clients.
Please share your blogs with me...I will add them to my personal RSS reader - which already is filled with over 125 blogs but always has room for more!!!


Mrs. NearlyWed said...

Great article!
This planner jumped into blogdom almost 2 years ago and it's the best thing we ever did. Join the Nearlyweds over at

Vicky holy matrimony (

WEDDEX said...

Thanks for your comment! I am actually a long-time fan and avid reader of DCnearlyweds and know it is a popular site in 'blogworld! Congrats on 'getting it right' and being on the forefront of this trend!! I have added it to my 'favorite links' list!


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

I agree with the last part about just doing it! It will never be perfect until you get started. Also, enabling comments is key because readers feel like they are part of a community and not just reading articles.

WEDDEX said...

Hi Liene!

This is fun! I am hearing from some of my blog favorites! Your blog is another one of the 'notable exceptions' out there [I better plan a follow up post sharing those!!] and I really enjoy reading yours as well! Just added Blue Orchid Designs to my list as well! Thanks for stopping by!


jenseylove said...

I'm such a wedding blog junkie!

Mine is:


WEDDEX said...

Hi JenseyLove! I just realized we are right around the corner - a few streets away - neighbors here in Celebration!! How cool is that!? And to 'meet' like this in the blogspere - wild!

We must get together in person sooner rather than later to connect face to face!

p.s. A HUGE congrats on your romantic, surprise Christmas Eve Wedding!!! That is amazing!

Cheers - Rebecca

Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

Blogging has definitely become a morning, cup of coffee ritual, an afternoon pick me up and a glass of wine in the evening wind down. I love reading them, drawing inspiration from them and writing them!
Is it okay to admit blog addicition?!?
WEDDEX and Style Me Pretty are a part of my daily routine!

Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

Blogging has become a cup of coffee in the morning routine, an afternoon pick me up and a glass of wine in the evening wind down. Admittedly, I love reading, drawing inspiration from and writing blogs...
WEDDEX and Style Me Pretty are two of my daily blog-checks-
What better way to connect with YOUR audience?!?

WEDDEX said...

Hi Lisa! Another one of my favorite blogs - you are also one of the amazing planners out there who really 'get it!' Thanks for the 'blog love!'

Cheers! Rebecca

Sacred Moment Weddings said...

I just discovered your blog today, Rebecca! I can "feel" the energy coming from you and look forward to tuning into your blog often!

Wedding Soiree said...

I have spent most of the day reading your blog. It is packed with useful advise and tips.

Gail -