Saturday, January 5, 2008

Destination Weddings All the Rage in '08!

So much to post about in the new year! Destination weddings are sure the 'big buzz' again already in '08 with the recent weddings of celebrities Eddie Murphy+Tracey Edmonds in Bora Bora and Kathryn Heigl+Josh Kelley in Park City, Utah.

Add to it a newly released article in FORBES Magazine showcasing the "World's Ultra-Exclusive Destination Wedding Spots" which includes the following excerpted quotes:

"Destination weddings are filling a need among the world's affianced. One out of every six couples getting married for the first time choose a destination wedding, according to, a wedding planning site.

That number rises to 61% for couples getting remarried.

For most folks, destination weddings offer a chance to celebrate in style. For high-profile brides and grooms such as Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, who wed last weekend on a private island off French Polynesia's Bora Bora (they plan to legally wed in the U.S. when they return), or those seeking seclusion, destination weddings are the best way to guarantee privacy on the big day.

"If you want to have an incredible wedding, you can't beat a destination wedding," says Marilyn Oliveira, senior editor at "They are definitely a trend and growing every second."

Oliveira says private island weddings are among the most popular. That's because these beach spots offer seclusion, stunning scenery and, perhaps most important, sunshine."

Look for much, much more about this trend in the coming year - the numbers coming out are so powerful and everyone is 'in the destination wedding game these days! This poses great challenges as the competition is fierce - but with it comes amazing opportunity on every level.

We love it! Game on!

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