Thursday, February 14, 2008

ENGAGING DAY: The Biggest Day of Your Year!

Happy Valentine's Day from Engaging Concepts! To those of us in the wedding industry - today is the SuperBowl - the biggest single day of the year in terms of engagements. It also bookends 'Engagement Season' which starts every year with Christmas Eve and ends today - the day that is dedicated to all things "Romance!"

We had some fun with this free e-card from PosePrints - and sent it to our clients. And yes, we know, it takes GREAT 'artistic license' with us [*wink!*] but was as close as we could get it - a girl can dream, right?!

Hope the day brings you many, many excited and qualified newly engaged leads - embrace them with genuine excitement and heartfelt congratulations !!! Cheers to the '08 wedding season ahead!!

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