Friday, February 22, 2008

Marcy Blogs!


That is the best and only way I can describe the incomparable Marcy Blum - eventiste extraordinaire. And now the world will get to share in what those of us who know her well have always adored most about Marcy - her brilliant and insanely funny sense of humor!!

Why? Because, Marcy has become a regular blogger on none other than the Huffington Post! That means an amazing 5.7 million 'thought leaders' who visit the site regularly will get a chance to laugh out loud and be inspired by one of the wedding industries most reknowned guru's! [Yes, that is 5.7 million blog readers described as an affluent, educated audience of opinion leaders...for those of you who have yet to start your own blog - you really need to get going - blogs are here to stay!!!].

Check out her first post on Valentine's Day here and be sure to sign up to be notified of future contributions! And for those of you [living under a rock] who are not familiar with Marcy - you can read her latest BIO here.

Marcy and I had a great chance to catch up on this and so much other wedding industry *gossip* [oooops - I meant *news*!] over a wine and a spectacular dinner together at BLT Market the week before last when I was in New York. It was indulgent for the two of us to get to spend so much time together just "us" and, as always, time spent with her just leaves me wanting more, more, more!! Adore her!
In addition to this, she is the top featured "Party Planner" in the current issue of Town&Country Weddings , just finished pulling off Donny Deutsch's 50th Birthday Extravaganza [complete with The Pussy Cat Dolls!], has her own Wikipedia entry and appeared on the TODAY show recently! Marcy has some exciting big plans for the coming year - and I will be sure to share them here as soon as I can! Hugs to her!!

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