Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Bandit Brides Target Event Pros": From Special Events Magazine

This just in from Special Events Magazine: 

"Bandit Brides Target Event Pros"

Bogus brides continue to prey on event pros with cashier's check scams. Special Events learned last week of a veteran Midwest event planner who was duped out of nearly $4,000 by a phony bride. The scam followed the typical pattern: The out-of-town "bride," who said she wanted to wed in the planner's city, sends the planner a cashier's check. The check represents an overpayment, and the planner is instructed to deposit the check and wire the excess funds to the "band." But the cashier's check turns out to be a fraud, and the planner is ... For more, click here. 

Photo by © Eduardo Jose Bernardino; art direction by Adrienne Grace

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