Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TIME: "Downsizing Your Wedding"

Somehow in the mania that was May, I missed the article in TIME Magazine called "Downsizing Your Wedding."  Click here to check it out.

In any case - it is well worth the quick read by anyone in the wedding industry. As we all know, even traditionally recession-proof weddings are feeling the pinch in many ways - not so much in the actual cancelling of events, but rather the scrutiny over each and every aspect that impacts the wedding budget.

Ensuring that you are providing real value in helping your wedding couples get the most for their money and demonstrating that the service or product that you provide is worthy of what you are asking has never been more critical. 

 This is the time to 'overdeliver' at every opportunity.

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Luke Walker said...

What great advice and I totally agree. I think the time to 'over-deliver' is everytime an opportunity is presented, but I would whole-heartedly agree that it's especially important right now.