Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brides and Grooms: Totally Connected

In the 'strange but true' category and further proof that brides and grooms are eternally connected in every way - offline and on - check out Seattle-based designer Jana Brevick's  Jacked—Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set: "A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black. The male ring stands tall and dramatically transparent. The world is your technological oyster.” 

 These rings are sold out. Believe it.


Dynamite Weddings said...

This is so original! I would have thought the clear connector would be for the bride, almost like a diamond. Creativity is endless!

Rev. Linda said...

How unique!

I have something unique also. It's a way of writing wedding vows that makes them one of the most powerful documents a couple could ever write.

What I ask couples to do is to think bigger than they ever thought they could when it comes to the dream they have for their live.

The way I put it, dream so big that it scares the s___ out of you!

Once they have articulated that dream it gets infused into their vows. That's a huge secret that not too many people have understood.

Then,here's another secret that should be a no brainer but seems to also be a great secret: a couple continues to review their vows over and over and over and over until they become infused into their minds and their lives.

They see with different mental and spiritual eyes.

It's no different than an athlete who visualizes over and over the outcome of what it is they want to accomplish.

Wedding vows are about the dream the couple wants to live from. They imagine and write it down as vows and then keep reviewing it until they are actually living in the dream.

I help couples write down the dream in my Ebooks and then help them keep 'living the dream'alive in my blog.

Rev. Linda Bardes, The Wedding Vow Coach
Helping couples write down the dream and then live it!

The Virtual Bridesmaid said...

Very original!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

An Atlanta Bride said...

Some people are just so creative!

Your UK Wedding Directory said...

That is amazing. Wish I had thought of an idea that is so original and creative!

Melissa DiStefano said...

These are great for the couple who love computers! I know a couple that this would be perfect for!