Thursday, September 11, 2008

HARO: Help a Reporter Out

One of the biggest requests we get at Engaging Concepts from independent wedding professionals is for guidance/assistance with Public Relations efforts. Of course, that is a major reason why we have included a PR panel in the next engage symposium but in the past week I have spent some time evaluating and observing the innovative HARO "Help a Reporter Out" concept by PR guru Peter Shankman.

Based on what I have seen come across my desk a few times each day - I am convinced that it is something worth sharing with industry colleagues as a valuable resource for potential, targeted media exposure. You can read all about it and sign up for FREE by visiting the HARO site - and be sure that you review and understand the ground rules - there are some pretty major consequences if you do not - all of them very fair and understandable.

Basically, once you sign up you will receive an email a few times a day outlining a large variety of news outlets/TV/blogs/freelancers seeking specific interview topics or sources. You can quickly scan these and see if there is anything that may fit your particular business or personal niche and respond as directed.

Certainly worth a test to see if it provides any opportunities - I noticed a number of requests that easily could be fulfilled by readers of this blog and wedding industry colleagues.  

And by the way...check out his explanation of why he offers this totally is a perfect example of the Law of Reciprocity -- love it!

If you do sign up -- let me what you think! 


Linnyette Richardson-Hall said...

HARO is a godsend - I can speak from experience! I've landed quite a few media pieces as a result of being a member - so I encourage my colleagues to give it a shot!!!!

isha said...


Thanks for this valuable resource. It is really quick to wade through and have been able to share some opportunities with clients and friends. All win!