Monday, March 17, 2008

The Art of [Client] Engagement

"Engaged customers, according to PeopleMetrics, promote the company or brand, intend to return in the future, go out of their way to do business with the company, and feel passion, even love, for the brand and experience."

We are all about engagement here at Engaging Concepts - at every level - in fact, we have built our business on it!  It seems as if everywhere I turn these days the marketing *buzz* is about creating customer engagement.  Every brand is trying to figure out the best way to 'engage' their customers, guests or clients. 
Those of us in the wedding industry have such a unique opportunity to 'engage' our clients because first of all - they are coming to us already engaged [ok, ok - not just in the physical sense but also emotionally!]!!  This major lifestage event is so important to them that they only want to work with companies that excite them and engage them at every turn.  

The payoff?  Passionate Brand Evangelists for your business.  Priceless word-of-mouth exposure. Returning guests, clients or customers for life.

The challenge?  Getting everyone in your organization to not only understand but then buy into the importance of customer engagement. Think of non-wedding industry companies that embody customer and employee engagement and then ways in which you can apply some of those successful principles to your business model.  

Having just gone through an intensive 2 weeks of making the switch from PC to Mac - I am blown away by the unprecedented level of engagement at every possible touch-point by Apple. You could say the same for many others. This is just one of the many topics of discussion we plan to explore in depth at the first ENGAGE!08...would love to hear your thoughts on brands/companies that truly embody "The Art of Engagement" both in wedding-world and outside of it!  Much more to come on this very relevant topic!

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