Friday, March 14, 2008

Have You Met Emma Yet?

"email marketing in style" 
- just how perfect is that tagline for our industry?!?  I have seen a few HTML newsletters appear in my inbox recently that had a great sense of design and flair and when I scrolled to the bottom I noticed they were 'powered by Emma' and immediately clicked on the fun and quirky icon to see what it was all about.  

Sign me up!  In fact, I just did.  For anyone who wants to communicate their message and latest news or products with potential consumers or other industry professionals this is a perfect and very cost-effective option.  It includes custom designed branding and has a flexible account set up that can expand and contract as your needs fluctuate during your different marketing projects and cycles. Plus, I just love the refreshing approach they take - it actually makes me look forward to diving in and creating my next communication piece! Just shows that smart marketing does not take itself too seriously and that infusing *fun* into traditionally formal and staid projects is successful!

Speaking of that - be on the lookout for an exciting announcement very soon regarding the long-awaited ENGAGE!08 -- click here to sign up to receive the Emma-powered breaking news!


Dave Delaney said...

Wow, that was a sweet post. Thanks so much for your kind words about our gal, Emma.

Dave Delaney

ready.2.spark said...

I've been using myEmma for some time now and LOVE it. I hope you enjoy.