Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dream weddings meet reality: Crain's Business

Dream weddings meet reality

By: Darci Smith June 02, 2008

"Is the spare-no-expense fairytale wedding falling out of fashion?

Weddings, as a pinnacle of emotional spending, are considered relatively immune to economic downturns. But with food and fuel costs high and housing values low, more couples are scaling back on pricey extras that had become routine in recent years." Click here to read entire article>>


Marc Fuller said...

Helpful post/link! Thank you!

As fabulous as the dream of a dream wedding seems, I think we are all returning to reality and realizing that in most cases they were just that ... dreams.

I recently looked into some figures and found that there were fewer than 80,000 weddings in all of the USA projected to spend more than $78,000. And out of the total 2.2 million projected weddings, 50% will spend less than $15,000.

I have more details/charts here -
Wedding Statistic Details

Anonymous said...

I imagine that the high gas and food costs destination weddings have decresed in popularity as well. It's always important to plan within your wedding budget. The emotional spending that you speak of is a huge impulse to keep in check while planning