Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Marry!

Congratulations to wedding planner Susan Southerland of Just Marry! based right here in Orlando on the exciting launch of her new DVD entitled "Susan Southerland's Just Marry! Wedding Planning Secrets."

It has received rave reviews already from the press, brides and wedding-industry insiders.  Kudos to Susan for doing what so many dream about or have on their "someday isle" list!!

She also created this fun and practical color selection wheel to help brides select and stay true to their wedding color palette.  Again - something so simple but that as an added bonus for her brides provides that extra touch and impactful takeaway.

Susan and her talented team have successfully partnered with countless hotels in the Orlando, Tampa, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Savannah and  Atlanta markets to expand their business model and are one of the few wedding planners who have extended their brand beyond their home city.

Congrats on making it all happen with style and smiles!

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