Friday, November 9, 2007

A lesson in getting it right...

*A NOTE*: This post originally started out to share some of the cute and fun items I came across on the KPW website...what happened as I was putting together the post was that it turned into a mini-case study of someone who is getting it right in marketing to the wedding industry. Read on:

Innovative ideas from the fabulous Kate Parker Weddings in Maine...The "Flip Flop Valet" and customized OOT ["Out of Town"] Welcome Guest Baskets made to order. What particularly impresses me is that even though both of these items could be created yourself - she has done a wonderful job in the presentation and in the selling strategy. As an example - part of the description of the Welcome Baskets:

"Each basket is filled with locally-made products and information pertaining to your wedding weekend, including a personalized map highlighting your event locations from the rehearsal dinner to the reception site. To make things even easier for you, we will ship your custom baskets directly to the hotels of your choice along with a guest rooming list for easy distribution. Want to personalize each basket event further? We can also create a personalized welcome letter to be included in your basket. Simply send us a copy of what you'd like to say and we'll take care of the rest. Don't spend the week of your wedding running last minute errands. Let us help make your guests' stay more enjoyable so you can spend quality time with your family and friends."

She does a great job of describing not only the Features of the items but much more importantly - she focuses on the BENEFITS of ordering them from KPW.

I know that is 'Sales 101' but it is something that we see overlooked on a regular basis in this industry. Wedding Professionals are often so focused on all of the things they offer and services they can provide and tooting their own horn with why they are the BEST at what they do that they overlook the most critical element - what the BENEFIT is to the bride and groom of hiring them or choosing their venue or their service.

As we see good + bad examples around the industry of this we will try and share. It is really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of your business/doing your job that it is hard to step back for some much needed perspective on how you are positioning yourself and coming across to your clients.

Remember, it's not really all about you/your business/your service/your venue - but just as important is what the benefits are to the client of choosing you!

Check out the rest of her great website for many other examples of fully integrated branding and very robust presentation of what all KPW stands for and offers - the entire time focused on what the BENEFITS are to hiring Kate Parker Weddings. Plus - I just love her tag line: "New England Couture Wedding Planner" and Brand Promise: "Creating sophisticated and spectacular weddings for the most discerning clients. Achieving moments beyond their wildest dreams."

Thanks to my friend Stacey Kane for telling me about her and most importantly - Kudos to Kate for 'getting it right!'


J Sandifer said...

Kate is excellent at planning and pulling off great weddings! We have had the pleasure of working with her and hope to again.

emilie inc. said...

Ditto to what J said. Kate is a firecracker and commands a great event.