Monday, November 12, 2007

The Wedding Report 2007

A great source of data about the wedding industry is The Wedding Report. They have just released updated information/trends and demographic data for 2007. In addition to the overall US Wedding market data they also offer an easily searchable database that breaks average spending and all other demographic information by city and state. Very valuable information to anyone in the wedding market.

One of the consistent themes is the source of planning information. A whopping 88% of brides say that they will plan their weddings using Family+Friends as a resource followed by 81% using the Internet and 68% using Bridal Magazines. Less utilized are Bridal Shows at 36% and Wedding Planners/Consultants at 17%.

Not surprising at all but always a good reminder of how powerful the 'word-of-mouth' factor is as a source of business! The care and consideration you take in handling your CURRENT clients is the most important predictor of the quality of your future business. This is not to minimize your efforts against the other sources of potential business but to remind you that you have a virtual goldmine of business right in front of you - it is up to you to leverage that opportunity to the fullest [think not just bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen but also all of the guests/co-workers...anyone in their 'sphere of influence!'!

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Eric said...

Only 17% using planners? That seems too low!