Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flipping for 'The Flip'!

So cool! I just opened my brand new FLIP video camera and I am so excited! This is just the coolest gadget and I can already see so many uses for it. Besides using it to [finally!] start filming priceless moments of my girls - I can see using it for work as well. During FAM trips, site inspections + scouting trips, to quickly share new styles and looks for decor/flowers/locations, etc. for photo shoots, during market week and so, so much more! I could even see using it creatively during events for fun 'guest generated' content and unique perspectives all edited cleverly together...the possibilites seem endless!

The beauty of it is that it is connects right into your computer for instant download of digital video that can easily be shared via email or uploaded to AOL or YouTube or your blog. So simple - I set mine up and started filming within 5 minutes - a record for me!

Featured this week by Oprah as well as in the USA Today and The Wall Street Journal the FLIP is sure to be a *big* seller this holiday season especially since it is priced at an amazing $129 for 30 minutes and $149 for 60 minutes! I bought mine from Amazon using my fab Amazon Prime membership but I think they are selling them at Target and Best Buy, etc. Oh - and one of the best things - it comes in super cool colors and is small enough to fit in even the tiniest of purses!

I am sure you will 'flip for The FLIP too!'

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