Saturday, September 22, 2007

Breakfast at Sylvia's

Yet another 'dream day' in NYC! Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the guest of wedding cake diva Sylvia Weinstock and her delightful husband Ben for breakfast at their Soho apartment. I have worked with Sylvia for years and most recently on the ground-breaking partnership with Sandals. I have been to her studio before, but this was the first time I have had the pleasure of being a guest in her home. What a warm and gracious couple she and Ben are. We enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Sylvia herself and had an opportunity to spend some time dishing on all things weddings [and to get some 'inside scoop' on some of the upcoming wedding cakes she is designing for the rich & famous all over the globe!]. She shared her magical rooftop garden with views of the entire city - fabulous! On the way out I stopped back in the studio to see [and smell] some of the masterpiece cakes in the making! The behind-the-scenes of what goes into these legendary cakes is fascinating...perfect for a reality show!!

Sylvia also showed me the tear sheets from the new book she is creating for release in 2008 - a MUST read for anyone passionate about great wedding cake design. I have included a few photos of my visit.

I am so lucky to consider so many of the wedding industry giants as friends - they continue to inspire [and support!] me on my journey and I never cease to be amazed at the work that they create! Next up - my latest visit with Preston Bailey...

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emilie said...

Green w/ envy!!! Sounds like an amazing trip!!