Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Competition is Global NOT Local

Nice job by Barbados in creating a dedicated weddings/honeymoon web presence by the recent launch of IDoBarbados. The focus on this lucrative, recession & disaster proof market segment continues to be seen in all levels of the tourism industry - from resorts, hotels, Tourism Departments, independent service providers and more.

Competition is healthy and raises the bar for everyone in the market - the key is to be aware of what your competitors are doing, recognize that competition is Global not Local [all too often we see hyper-focus in this industry on local competition with little regard or attention paid to the greater challenges from the overall marketplace] and spend critical time evaluating what sets YOUR wedding business apart from the rest. A shift in this attitude will serve you better over the long run and in turn allow you to embrace your colleagues and work together for the greater good!

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Eric said...

Your comments about worldwide competition ring true. In my field (wedding photography) couples don't even hesitate to fly me to shoot their wedding. Sure it may be easiser to hire someone local, but when you find what you really want, you should get it!