Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Preston, Preston, Preston..."

Years ago [1992 or so], I was introduced to Mr. Preston Bailey by our dear, mutual friend the truly fabulous Marcy Blum at The St. Regis Hotel. We had just started Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings - no one had a clue what Disney was doing in the wedding market and honestly, we were met with some noses in the air and very cold shoulders back then by some industry 'legends' (in their own minds...) who I will not mention by name.

Not so with Preston. He gave me one of his famous hugs, instantly embraced the concept and became an advisor/cheerleader and source of inspiration on the spot. At the time, there was an 'entourage' from Disney with me in NY including a senior executive who, after meeting Preston, spent the rest of the trip sighing in her very southern accent, "Preston, Preston, Preston..." If you have ever met him in person you will identify immediately. He truly is "Mr. Fabulous" as the Oxygen network TV show about him was so aptly named!

We have worked together on and off for the past 15 years - most recently creating the innovative partnership with Sandals Resorts [in fact, check out the related Darcy Miller's blog post from today about the wedding of Jaime Stewart, daughter of Sandals Chairman and owner that Preston did in Jamaica!].

Yesterday I was in NY to meet with Preston and the design team to review a brand new collection that he has designed...breathtaking! We spent a few hours reviewing every detail of the new collection and also determined that he is going to design a second new collection for us as well! The concept of bringing amazing wedding design to any and every destination bride at price points that are affordable continues to be a big story in the industry...with prices from $1,700-$5,000 for a complete ceremony & reception it makes every brides dream of a celebrity designed wedding a reality. I think that everyone is going to LOVE the two new collections and cannot wait to share more details and images when they are ready!

Over lunch, Preston regaled us with stories of some of his most recent 'over the top' weddings from not one but TWO in the South of France at the magnificent Hotel du Cap to an estate in Bel Air that was not to be believed! He is finishing off another book filled with his jaw dropping designs from real weddings and this one manages to top all the others - which says alot!! I left that meeting totally re-energized and again pinching myself for the incredible experiences that this business continues to give me!! More details to follow soon!

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