Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hot Trends for 2007

Last week TheKnot 'unveiled' their *hot* trends for Fall 2007-Winter 2008 weddings.

Some highlights of WHAT'S HOT:

ECLECTIC RECEPTION DECOR – Whether it be sparkling vintage chandeliers or mixed match antique vases, today’s modern couple is incorporating eclectic pieces into their wedding decor. For fall, couples are using everything from eye-catching copper pots to gorgeous gold-leaf vases; or going earthy with containers made of wood or covered in lichen. WHAT’S NOT: COOKIE-CUTTER DECOR – Does the generic d├ęcor that you see at every other wedding in town really show off your personal style and taste?

NATURAL BRIDAL STYLE – From dreamy flowing fabrics to a dewy, fresh face beauty vibe, the overall look of the moment is ethereal elegance. Drawing inspiration from Greek goddesses, everything from the fabrics to the accessories and even the hair and makeup are light and airy. WHAT’S NOT: FAIRY-TALE PRINCESS – This look is not only high maintenance, it’s uncomfortable.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WEDDINGS – Today more than ever, couples are looking for a way to give back when planning their wedding by incorporating eco-friendly elements. It’s never been easier to plan a green wedding without sacrificing style, with tools such as a Green Wedding Guide, as well as the Green Weddings Channel on TheKnot.com. WHAT’S NOT: THE BRIDEZILLA – Nightmare brides are definitely “out.”
THE SIXTH COURSE FOR DESSERT – The dessert course got a decadent new makeover just in time for fall, with a serving of luscious Ports alongside artisan cheese. Take the trend to a new level of indulgence by including rich chocolate delicacies such as dark chocolate bonbons. WHAT’S NOT: SKIPPING DESSERT – Impress your guests with more then just the standard wedding cake.

HONEYMOON HOPPING – Finally, those couples that are one half beach beauty and one half mountain climber adventurist can enjoy a honeymoon that they will both appreciate. Nothing is hotter than honeymoon hopping, and thanks to the new interactive Honeymoon Map Tool on TheKnot.com, planning your multi-destination trip has never been easier! WHAT’S NOT: ONE-SIDED HONEYMOON – A honeymoon shouldn’t cater to either the bride or the groom, both should love this trip of a lifetime.
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