Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The "Affluencers"

If you have attended one of my recent speaking engagements you know how passionate I am about studying the dramatically changing face of today's bride + groom. From BRAVO comes this perfect term to describe them:

The Affluencer's -

"They're young, rich, acquisitive, educated and influential, at the forefront of trends both in style and technology" – and they are the future of your business!!

Understanding how these unique consumers behave before, during and after their engagement cycle is of paramount importance to any savvy wedding marketer. These are not the same brides as you dealt with five or even two-three years ago! In order to engage them in your brand you must cater to these "Affluencers" in unique and unexpected ways and try to exceed their very high expectations at every opportunity. Taking the time to do this will yield very real results - continuing on with the status quo will surely mean conceding market share to the many new players in the market who are investing the time to do so.

What are you doing to engage today's bride?


your WEDDING DIVA said...

It's positively scary how much we think alike.

erin kate said...

this is so true! i'm constantly trying to stay a step ahead...