Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preston Bailey Blogs

My friend Preston Bailey has just re-launched his website and started to BLOG!! His first post was about a *Major* wedding [you have to say "major" with the Victoria Beckham accent - wink!] he did at the Hotel du cap in the South of France last month. Preston is always jetting off to exotic places around the globe to design weddings for the truly rich & famous - but even with all that - he is among the nicest and most down-to-earth, genuine people I know. Kathryn and I had the thrilling life experience of working with him and his fabulous and fun team on the Donald and Melania Trump wedding at Mar-a-lago in 2005...Loved it - Love him!


Polka Dot Bride said...

I guessed the wedding from the photos (but then being Aussie it was all over our media for weeks!) I love Preston's work!

WEDDEX said...

Hi Polka Dot Bride! Love YOUR blog myself - great perspectives and fun to see what Aussie brides are loving! Yes - Working on that wedding with Preston was truly an honor and just simply over the top amazing!!! Thanks for stopping by WEDDEX!


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