Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Randy Fenoli + Kleinfeld

Finally! I have been keeping a *big* secret for over a month now and I finally get to share! One of my very best friends in the entire world, the most fabulous Randy Fenoli, is back in bridal! He has recently been named as the Fashion Director of the world-famous Kleinfeld. What a PERFECT role for him!

Randy created not one, but two custom wedding gowns for me when I married Patrick almost 10 years ago - and just last month when we visited him and his incredible partner Michael at their stunning flat in the French Quarter he presented me with enormous renderings of both designs. They are being framed to hang in our Engaging Concepts offices - priceless!

He has already started at Kleinfeld [and will be permanently returning to NYC after living in New Orleans for the past few years] and is delighting brides [and their mothers] by helping them create their entire bridal style. If you are working with a bride who wants the very best in selection, pampering, style and service send them to see Randy.

Bottom line - Randy just adores brides and they adore him. Period. Look to see and hear a lot more from him as he becomes a major, trendsetting force in bridal yet again!!! Congratulations my dear friend and welcome back - you have been missed.


Gail said...

Congrats to Randy! I was one of his art teachers in high school in Winnfield, LA,and I always knew how talented he was. I am eager to see the show on TLC.
You can check out some of my artwork on my blog:
Tell Randy I said hello, and I wish him all the best.

luckyzhu said...

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Elle said...

I love you, Randy Fenoli!!! I am one of your big fans. Yuu are absolutely charming and beautiful. I would marry Kleinfeld too!!! I am so glad I can see you on tv. My appointment date at Kleinfeld is scheduled for February 26th, 2010!!!! Please come and say Hello to me and my fiance and aunt!!!! I love you man!!

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Elle said...

According to the iphone comment, I would guess 56 downloads per month if not more! Thanks for asking me. I got a reply back from Kleinfeld so thank you all for that. Really want to come to Manhattan soon to visit all the folks at Kleinfeld. Really hope I can go find my dream gown soon there.