Thursday, August 16, 2007

A [brilliant] Unexpected Gift

Logged on this morning to check in with my daily blog's and boom - first one out of the gate was this post on WeddingBee:

Last Thursday Mr. Peony and I returned home from another long day of work to find a package waiting for us. It was from our photographer, Danny Weiss, whom we had just booked! We opened it to find a wrapped gift. We eagerly unwrapped the gift to uncover the following:

A package of microwavable popcorn; the Four Weddings and a Funeral DVD; the My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD; an envelope which included a confirmation letter, a copy of our contract, and a photographer’s checklist for our wedding; and a thank you card which read:

Dear Miss and Mr Peony,
Just a little something to put you in the wedding mood. Looking forward to the big day!
All my best, Danny

I love our photographer! Receiving something as sweet and thoughtful as this just further confirmed my feelings that we had chosen the right person for the job. Thanks, Danny!
Wow. I do not know Danny Weiss - but I am totally impressed. What a great, fun, thoughtful gesture that shows that he "gets it" and understands and appreciates how important his clients are. What he sent could not cost very much but I guarantee will give him a return on his investment that is priceless!
This marketplace is increasingly crowded & competitive and we all need to earn our clients business each and every day. It does not matter what role you play in the wedding: wedding planner, photographer, floral or cake designer, caterer, wedding salon owner, hair & makeup artist, invitation designer - you name it...I challenge you to come up with creative, unique ways to appreciate your clients in unexpected but impactful ways, regardless of what they may be spending.
It is the least you can do - after all - they chose YOU to bring their dream to life. It is an honor that deserves heartfelt appreciation.

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