Friday, August 24, 2007

Kessler Wedding Slideshow!

We are pleased to showcase our very first web slideshow created for a client - the new Kessler Wedding Slideshow! Now, we are by no means professionals at this - completely self taught using the incredible and very popular program from ShowItFast created by the brilliant David Jay. All you professional photographers out there - please be kind [*wink!*]

Lots to still learn - but we presented this to our clients today to RAVE reviews! It will be shown on the weddings homepage of . We have been working on a comprehensive photo project for them for the past 3 months and have amassed over 10,000 amazing wedding images for each of their 10 hotels to use to enhance their marketing and selling efforts. This is just one of the final projects we presented.

Photos are all of our MOST critical brand tools and the most powerful way to tell any wedding story and truly connect with brides. The relationship between professional wedding photographers and venues/hotels/resorts is so just amazes me how much opportunity for synergistic partnerships still exist! It is our goal to bridge that client at a time! Enjoy!

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Scarlett Lillian // Jacksonville Senior Photographer said...

Cool slideshow! It was fun to have my images from the Mansion on Forsyth wedding be a part of it! Thanks gals!