Monday, August 13, 2007

WeddingBee in The New York Times!

I am so excited for my friend Bee - the now infamous "Mrs. Bee" of WeddingBee. She has just received a huge hit in the business section of The New York Times! Huge. Here is the section highlighting the boom in her brilliant blog:

Blogging Your Way Into a Business New York Times

Bee Kim, 28, was a hobbyist blogger while running a vocational school in south central Los Angeles. Blogging about her personal life and issues relevant to Asian-Americans, Ms. Kim amassed a few hundred loyal readers over several years. When she became engaged and moved to New York, her blog began focusing on the details of her coming wedding. She worried that she was losing the interest of her male readers, so she moved all wedding-related posts to a new blog called Wedding Bee.

As other brides-to-be started hearing about Wedding Bee, Ms. Kim began receiving requests to plan other people’s weddings. That is when she knew she was onto something. Slowly, Wedding Bee evolved.
“I went from being a regular blogger that just loved to share ideas and research to more of a professional blogger, where I watched for tone, libel, and even language,” such as cursing, she said. Previously, “if I didn’t like a vendor, I’d vent away knowing they’d never read my post. Now when I review a vendor, I know the vendor is likely to stumble across my post. So I check the facts, make sure the tone is balanced, and basically pretend to be a real journalist.”

By inviting other women to become contributors, Ms. Kim spawned a group of about 20 other co-bloggers from around the country. Ms. Kim, now married, still blogs under the name Mrs. Bee. Her contributors each use a blogger handle; married bloggers tend to be insects (Mrs. Caterpiller, Mrs. Firefly), while the future brides are heavy on fruits and candies (Miss Butterscotch, Miss Licorice).

With each change to the business, she involved her readers. In this post, Wedding Bee Tweaks, she wrote about the decision to accept advertising, offering the proposed design up to her readers for comments.

After moving to New York to be with her new husband, Ms. Kim dedicated herself fully to the blog. Now with about a million page views a month (and nearly 500,000 unique visitors), according to the tracking service, Ms. Kim says, Wedding Bee is earning enough from advertisements to cover a salaried part-time editor and cover rent and living expenses in their West Village one-bedroom apartment.
As most of you know by now - reading WeddingBee multiple times a day is a standard part of my day....every day. Love it and have been loyal from the very beginning. I learn so much from it on so many levels - I also know firsthand of many significant advertising successes from placement on the site.
Bee recently shared her new media kit/rate card with me and I recommend you contact her to get one (or email me at and I will forward you the pdf) - with a very STRONG recommendation to consider tapping into her loyal and ardent audience and watch your business soar!
Congrats to Bee and all the fabulous real bride bloggers for creating a unique voice and continuing to raise the bar for us all!

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