Friday, August 3, 2007

New Wedding Media - Everywhere!

Wow - Lots going on in wedding-world media lately! Check out (3) brand new sites (most still in BETA) that I have been keeping my eye recently: ProjectWedding, WeddingWire and bridalhood. The awareness was raised recently with a series of posts/comments over on WeddingBee recommending each site.

So, what is a wedding professional ['vendor' as the brides call you - although personally I DESPISE that term] to do? There are over 111 bridal print titles in the US alone now (up from just 31 in 2001!!!) and new web opportunities popping up daily it seems! Totally overwhelming!

The good news is that many of these sites are in the start-up phase and are offering free listings and more to boost their sites up. Without wedding professionals/listings there is not much for brides to search for and so on. So, for now - enjoy the freebies - visit the sites and see if they are right for you, set up your profiles, ask your clients to review you - then track them closely on the back end. And please, drop me a line or add a comment about the results you are getting from these and other sites - I want to know what works for who and why!!

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