Saturday, August 4, 2007

Inspired Weddings

For the past few months, one of my first morning blog reads is the FABULOUS StyleMePretty - for the style obsessed bride.

Just a brilliant concept with a spectacular and unique 'point of view' - created by invitation designer Abbey Jean - it has been so fun to watch grow. Shows the power of this blog-world. Abbey has been running her signature "Inspiration Board" contest all week and the response has been tremendous - you must check them all out. Over (32) brides submitted fabulous design/mood boards in a matter of days. And Abbey shared that she was overwhelmed with the responses and plans another contest soon in order to share all of the submissions received! No limit to where she can take this now! The *buzz* is out there and gaining steam.

Also a very interesting study in the increasing level of sophistication and design of weddings today. No matter the budget - these brides all have strong visions of what they want their wedding to be. These brides are not professional wedding planners or interior designers or graphic artists. They have powerful tools available to them all over the web and sites like Abbey's are encouraging them to think far, far out of the box in terms of just what they want their wedding to look and FEEL like on every level.

Smart wedding marketers will jump on this trend - let it help them truly get inside the mind of their clients - encourage their creative thinking and add to their inspiration. Weddings are not at all about the dates, rates, space, standard menus, packages, cookie-cutter offers, store policies, minimums, room rental fees, etc. that often rule our worlds. They are each truly UNIQUE, ever-evolving expressions of two very real people in love and what inspires them and the lasting, memorable experience they wish to create on this most special day.

In this increasingly competitive landscape - it is important to take time to remember this and get to know each couple for who they really are and what they want to express. Each and every wedding professional is an integral collaborator to help bring their wedding vision to life. What are YOU doing to inspire your brides and what inspiration are they giving to you in return?? Think about it.

Congrats Abbey - for inspiring us all!!!


your WEDDING DIVA said...

Abbey sure has gotten a lot of traction with this. I love her site too.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great post! Thank you so much for the kind words!!