Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Television Just Loves a Wedding!

Weddings continue to be ALL the rage in terms of television programming! One more piece of evidence to support this - the press release issued from WE tv last week - an excerpt:

“This summer WE tv dramatically increased its wedding content on the network, branded a special evening each week for wedding programming, and built an online portal of shared bridal content and information all under the WE Go Bridal block,” said Kim Martin, the executive VP and general manager of WE tv. “With this new investment in original wedding-related programming, the network is looking to maintain its leadership position to provide a multiplatform destination point for weddings and the bridal community. With billions spent each year in this marketplace, we know there is a huge consumer demand for this type of programming.”

Check out the entire release here. The tivo's will be working overtime!

1 comment:

erin kate said...

another great reason for me to get cable...now i have to get my husband to agree...