Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Destination Wedding Spending on the Rise

According to the recent Mintel study, Destination Wedding spending is on the rise. In their exclusive research conducted among couples who have had or are planning to have a destination wedding the results support this fact.

Over 31% of couples who are planning say they will be spending between $25,000-$50,000 on their destination wedding up 10% from couples who recently had a destination wedding.

16% say that they will spend in excess of $50,000 on their destination wedding (a 6% increase).

37% say that they will spend less than $25,000 on their destination wedding (a 25% decrease from couples who recently had a destination wedding!).

Everywhere we are seeing evidence of this fact. This trending has major impact to everyone who serves the destination wedding market - from resorts to wedding planners, from photojournalists to floral designers. The expectations are being raised right along with the the spending. Brides are no longer okay with comprimising and the 'take it easy and trust us mon' attitude in many destinations. They expect and demand a high level of quality, design & service. Where once the destination bride was okay with sacrificing a bit on many style aspects of her wedding because she was having it in a long distance locale - today she will think nothing of flying in everything and everyone needed to have every detail be just perfect.

As destination weddings are our true passion and at the core of the business of Engaging Concepts, look for lots more about this segment of the market that just continues to go from strength to strength!

[Destination Wedding Photo by the fabulous Stacey Kane (who took my new headshot by the way!)]

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