Friday, June 1, 2007

"Release Your Brilliance!"

The brilliant, engaging and very talented Simon T. Bailey is an author, speaker and motivational coach and a former colleague of mine at Disney. We left around the same time (just about 6 years ago!) to follow our dreams and start our own companies.

I am so proud of what he has accomplished - Simon’s high-impact, transformational programs have inspired over 250,000 people worldwide and growing. He sends a weekly inspirational, thought-provoking email entitled "Brilliant Carats" which I highly recommend to anyone in need of some great business tips and injection of energy during the week(and can't we all use a quick 'check-in' every now and then?).

I was also very honored to be included as a case-study essay in his best selling book, "Release Your Brilliance." UPDATE: Since I posted this Simon emailed me to let me know the *big* news that HarperCollins has purchased the rights to "Release Your Brilliance" and will make it available in hardcover in January 2008!!!

It is so fun to keep up with former colleagues who have gone on to do great things with their lives and careers - we all had amazing training during our days at Disney - many are still there rising through the ranks to high level executive positions and others have created impressive opportunities for themselves either owning their own successdul businesses or as executives with companies such as Ritz-Carlton, McDonald's Global, Sandals, Royal Caribbean, Starwood, Marriott, TheKnot, YPB&R, Kellogg and many other leading brands.

Cheers to them all!

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