Monday, June 11, 2007

Weddings + Brand Affinity: Take 1

Weddings bring out some of the best examples of Brand Affinity there are! Take for example this fun couple (for those who read WeddingBee - this is Mr. & Mrs. Plumeria - she is a recent bride/blogger on the site) who love Target (don't we ALL!?!?!) that when their photographers (the talented gbphotographers) suggested they take a few shots there they jumped right in!

In my 17+ years in the wedding-industry I have seen scores of examples of couples who use their wedding to proclaim the ultimate love for a particular brand. That is what is the heart of what we built the Disney Wedding phenomenon on, why when one of my very first clients Orlando Harley-Davidson wanted to create some *buzz* around their state of the art dealership we were able to line up enough couples willing to renew their wedding vows with their Harley's that we managed to set the Guiness World Record and why just about every company out there targets this market in one way, shape or form.

I plan to blog about this often (and invite you to share your stories/photos) as it is a major cornerstone of my business as a wedding industry marketing consultant. Making an emotional connection so strong that couples want to incorporate it into one of the most important events of their life - that is the ultimate brand affinity. Stay tuned!

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