Monday, June 18, 2007

NIRALI Weddings Magazine

Check out this GORGEOUS new magazine called NIRALI Weddings - for South Asian brides planing weddings in North America. Editor-in-chief Ismat Sarah Mangla has done a fantastic job weaving modern day style with the rich customs and traditions that make South Asian weddings so spectacular. Featuring amazing Real Weddings and practical tips - this is one publication that we suspect will do very well!

Anyone in the wedding industry who works with couples of these backgrounds will find this an invaluable resource!

UPDATE: Love this small blogging world! I just received an email from Ismat, the founder and editor of NIRALI:

Hi Rebecca, We saw your blog link to Nirali Magazine, and we're so excited!

Thank you so much. I just wanted to give you some information about Nirali in case you want to update the post. Nirali Magazine ( is actually a bi-weekly online magazine for South Asians.

June was our first-annual weddings issue. So you can link to for all our weddings coverage (which we will add to periodically) but, the magazine is actually called Nirali Magazine and is a general publication.

We're going to do another full-fledged weddings issue next year. I hope you had a chance to look at the 7 real weddings we featured, in addition to the 14 or so other stories we did on weddings! Again, you can find all the wedding stories at

Thanks again for spreading the word about Nirali!


Ismat -- Ismat Sarah Mangla

Nirali Magazine

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