Wednesday, June 6, 2007

iAdore, iLove, iDo. iVillage.

17 million women. Say it with me. 17 million women. That is the universe of iVillage.

Hard to believe that before this week they did not have a Weddings Channel. Enter the brilliant Debbie Fine - hands down one of the most dynamic and brilliant business women (& wife and mom too by the way!) I have ever known. She is truly an inspiration and as of last fall the new President of iVillage which is owned by NBC/Universal.

We caught up two weeks ago for lunch when she was here in Orlando for a conference. Seemed like just yesterday (and not 8 years ago!) she was the Publisher of Brides Magazine and and I was at Disney Weddings and we collaborated on all sorts of innovative partnerships & promotions and became friends along the way!
Realizing that iVillage was long overdue to add Weddings to the mix - Debbie called up David Liu, co-founder of theknot and struck up a deal for them to provide content (see Valentines Day press release here). Brilliant - what a killer combination!
I am thrilled to be working directly with Debbie and her team again on various client initiatives and look forward to many more successes along the way. It is great to work with people who 'get it' on every level and are just plain fun too! And did I mention 17 million women?

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