Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Green Weddings - all the rage in the media!

With the world hyper-focused on 'all things green' it comes as no surprise that the mainstream media is all over the green wedding trend!

Check out recent stories from TIME Magazine, USA Today and MSNBC/Associated Press just to name a few! The sidebar [shown above] from the AP is a good 'shades of green' quick guide. And of course as I have blogged before - we just love the work being done by portovert!

No matter your role in the wedding business, you need to be on top of this news and understand how you can offer your brides & grooms green wedding options. If nothing else, compile a list of the top trends and resources and share them with your clients to help them 'go green!' (ok - I could not help that - as a Michigan State grad 'go green...go white' is just part of who I am *wink*!!)

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