Thursday, June 14, 2007

License to Wed!

Summer movie we are most looking forward to - "License to Wed" with Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and the adorable John Krasinski.

We have been 'in the loop' on this movie for awhile now as part of it was filmed at Sandals Resorts (one of our long time clients)! Of course we cannot reveal more than that but it is indeed exciting and we have loved being a part of the inside scoop.

The *buzz* is really great on this film which opens July 3rd.

Create a fun team building, put the phones on voicemail and take your staff to see a matinee or get a few industry colleagues together for a night out for some laughs!

We will share more as we can but look for some great promotional tie-ins from Sandals to leverage this priceless exposure!!

p.s. Did you know that every movie that has ever had the word "wedding" in it's title has grossed over $100 million at the box office?! Talk about the power of weddings!!!!

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