Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Simple Seating

Well it's about time! What a brilliant idea. Check out Simple Seating a super easy and inexpensive (free for 50 guests or less and $19.95 for 50+) way to take the headache out of one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning (trust me - almost 10 years of marriage later and I can still remember the tension over this!!).

"SimpleSeating.com makes seating charts easier than ever.With a mouse, your favorite web browser and the simplicity of drag-n-drop, the process is painless; with the exception of deciding who to seat next to crazy Aunt Edna."

If you are a wedding planner, caterer or hotel/resort special events manager this is perfect for you! Otherwise - recommend this to your brides today and they will thank you for it tomorrow!

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