Monday, June 18, 2007

Platinum Weddings

Compared to the nightmare that is "Bridezillas" - the show "Platinum Weddings" goes down much easier - on the brain and the eyes! Some of the weddings featured border on over-the-top tackiness but most that I have seen are well done and do a great job featuring hard working, innovative and talented wedding professionals. No drama here (manufactured for TV or otherwise) - just a glimpse into weddings that exceed $100K and the couples who have them.

Tonight's second episode featured a very likeable couple hosting an elaborate destination wedding in Miami at the National Hotel. I stayed there a few years ago for a photo shoot and must say it showed amazingly well on TV! They also feature a comprehensive list of vendors and contacts on the website - what a wonderful marketing/PR opportunity! If only more wedding-related programming took this tactic!

Set the TIVO's for Sunday nights at 10pm and 10:30pm est.

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