Monday, June 4, 2007

It's a Mod World After all!

I recently came across this interesting wed-site: Mod Girl - the un-wedding site and they have an entire section full of polls answered by mod-brides everywhere. There are so many sites out there for each and every type of bride - and growing daily! What is a savvy wedding marketer to do? Take some time to do your own brand assessment exercise and really discover who YOUR brides are.

Truly knowing just who your bride (& groom too of course!) is will help you narrow down the focus of your business.

Often I find during new client assessments that the 'spaghetti at the wall' approach is in effect. Their business has grown quickly, they are not necessarily making the most strategic choices relative to their marketing dollars and placements and they are not sure who their core customer really is.

Taking the time to step back and evaluate who your current bride is as well as who you WANT her to be is essential.

Make a list of key brand attributes of both categories (current & future) and really look at it to determine some valuable insights into your wedding business. Use the information so readily available on the web to help you target and offer the best fit marketing and sales messages to attract the kind of bride that is your 'best fit.' If you determine that your ideal bride is a 'sophisticated mama' like the poll above suggests and your messages are all 'girly girl' in nature then you are off base!

Check back from time to time as I will post other interesting wed-sites to help with your own research into the mindsets of the many types of today's bride!

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